Electrical Supply & Installation

Electrical and installation services that are safe secure and executed by skilled professionals using high quality electrical products. We offer all types of electrical and installation services cater to your requirements.

  • LT Power Distrubution System

    Most small consumers of electricity like individual houses, shops, small offices and smaller manufacturing units get their electricity on LT connection.

  • Bus Bar Systems

    The electrical bus bar is available in rectangular, cross-sectional, round and many other shapes. The rectangular bus bar is mostly used in the power system.

  • Lightning & Power Installation

    The installed power is the sum of the nominal powers of all power-consuming devices in the installation. This is not the power to be actually supplied in practice. This is the case for electric motors, where the power rating refers to the output power at its driving shaft.

  • Raceways & Trunking

    Raceway is an enclosed channel of metal or nonmetallic materials designed expressly for holding wires, cables or busbars, with additional functions as permitted in the Code.

  • Process Circuits

    The process of circuit design can cover systems ranging from complex electronic systems all the way down to the individual transistors within an integrated circuit.

  • Fire Alarm / Access Control / PA Systems

    A fire alarm system has a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present.

  • Building Management Control Systems

    A building management system (BMS), otherwise known as a building automation system (BAS), is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

  • Network and Data Management Systems

    NMS may be used to monitor both software and hardware components in a network. It usually records data from a network's remote points to carry out central reporting to a system administrator.

  • Structured Cabling Systems

    A structured cabling system is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. This infrastructure serves a wide range of uses, such as to provide telephone service or transmit data through a computer network.

  • Instrument Installation & Cabling

    Cabling is used to refer to electrical or electronic cables, or to the process of putting them in a place.

Panel Manufacturing

CPRI approved Panel Manufacturing facility having registrations for 50 kA S.C. withstand capacity & degree of protection of IP55. We have set industry standards as the leading manufacturer of:

  • L.V. Switchboards - MCC/PCC/AMF/ Auto

    An electric switchboard is a device that directs electricity from one or more sources of supply to several smaller regions of usage. It is an assembly of one or more panels, each of which contains switches that allow electricity to be redirected.

  • Synchronizing & Load Sharing.

    In an alternating current electric power system, synchronization is the process of matching the speed and frequency of a generator or other source to a running network.

  • Control & Relay Panels

    A control & relay panel is designed to provide to control the associated line or transformer through outdoor switchgear at various 11KV and 33KV zonal substations.

  • APFC Panel

    APFC or Automatic Power Factor Control Panels are mainly used for the improvement of Power Factor. Power Factor can be explained as ratio of active power to apparent power and it is a key factor in measuring electrical consumption.

  • Automation Panels-Drive , PLCs

    These VFD panel/Drive Panel are used for the purpose of industrial process automation.

  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU) w/wo branch monitoring & isolation transformer

    A power distribution unit (PDU) or mains distribution unit (MDU) is a device fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electric power. An isolation transformer is a transformer used to transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current (AC) power to some equipment or device while isolating the powered device from the power source, usually for safety reasons.

  • Feeder Pillar Panels

    The Feeder Pillars are extensively installed for industrial, township, housing societies, and lighting applications.

  • Change Over /ATS Panels

    A transfer switch is an electrical switch that switches a load between two sources. An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is often installed where a backup generator is located, so that the generator may provide temporary electrical power if the utility source fails.

  • HVAC and VFD Panel

    HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment needs a control system to regulate the operation of a heating and/or air conditioning system. Usually a sensing device is used to compare the actual state (e.g. temperature) with a target state.

  • Bus Ducts

    In electrical power distribution, a bus duct (also called busway), is a sheet metal duct containing either copper or aluminium busbars for the purpose of conducting a substantial current of electricity. It is an alternative means of conducting electricity to power cables or cable bus.


    In the electrical wiring of buildings, a cable tray system is used to support insulated electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication.

  • GI Raceway & Junction Boxes

    An electrical junction box is an enclosure housing electrical connections, to protect the connections and provide a safety barrier.

  • Design & Fabrication of Sheet metal Components

    Sheet metal fabrication is using sheet metal to build metal machines and structures. It can be a complex process involving many different professionals.


Sthapati Creation boasts of a team of subject matter professionals who are qualified and experienced to provide a wide range of field acceptance and maintenance testing, and commissioning services for electrical power systems and equipment.
Our Electrical Maintenance and Audit Services from low voltage through extra high voltage, includes:

  • Planned Preventative and Reactive Maintenance

    Reactive maintenance focuses on repairing an asset once failure occurs. Proactive maintenance, however, focuses on avoiding repairs and asset failure through preventive and predictive methods.

  • Testing & Commissioning Services

    Project commissioning is the process of assuring that all systems and components of a building or industrial plant are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner or final client.

  • Integrating Testing

    Integrated systems test is a very important aspect of a critical infrastructure handover. Upon completion of individual testing and commissioning and performance testing of buildings systems, it is the most recommended final test to demonstrate system integration and resilience.

  • Compliance Auditing

    A compliance audit is a comprehensive review of an organization's adherence to regulatory guidelines. Independent accounting, security or IT consultants evaluate the strength and thoroughness of compliance preparations.

  • Emergency Repairs

    To be treated as an emergency the fault must carry the risk of immediate injury to people or major damage to property. Examples of emergency repairs are: escape of gas or fumes. electrical fittings in contact with water.

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